The Estes Cineroc was first shown in the 1970 Estes Catalog.  Invented by Mike Dorffler


Here's a drawing of the external dimensions.  It is intended for reference only.  Below is the text that
describes the components of the drawing.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email me.

The Cineroc is organized into 5 components on 3 sections, listed as A, B, C, D, & Mirror Fairing.

Section A

1.8" DIA x 3.425"L (3-27/64") cone.  The tip is a .75 sphere.
There is a .125" (1/8") vertical margin starting from the
mold line (phantom line) to the separation line.  This is
the mating surface for Section B.  It comes taped to
Section B from the factory.

Section B

1.8" DIA x 4.375"L (4-3/8") cylinder.  The rear edge of the
mirror fairing is positioned 2.3" from the forward edge,
.25 left of the centerline.  The indexing notch is 90º
to the left of that centerline.

Section C & D

Section C is the transition from 1.8" to 1.64" tubing (BT-60).
It extends .125 into Section B and is taped at the aft separation line for flight.  The Indexing Block is molded into Section C  (see detail A).  The On/Off switch is located adjacent to the Indexing Block.  Left is Off.

Section D is the tubing shoulder.  It tapers from 1.592
adjacent to Section C, to 1.571 at the end.  There is a
screw eye in the base of Section D (omitted for clarity).

Mirror Fairing

The fairing is shown with approximate dimensions made from an attached unit.  It appears to have been vacuum molded.  The wall thickness is .035 - .037 on all sides.  The dimensions  below the left and right views show the approximate upward sweep of the lower edges.