The National Sport Launch 2001

Pony Express Test Range, Tooele County, Utah  May 26th - 28th

Hosted by UROCS

 I had too much fun flying rockets at NSL!

Most Flights
Bryan MacDuff: 27 flights, 329.5 Ns
Mike Jerauld: 20 flights, 474.0 Ns

Shakin out the dust and hanging up the rockets now that I'm home.

4 flights BFTPR BoP NASA Space Shuttle          4x C5-3
2 flights BFTPR BoP MACH-10                             2x C5-3
7 flights BFTPR M-10D                                           6x D12-3, 1x E15-4W
2 flights BFTPR Super Shuttle (#2 crash & burn) 1x D12-3, 1x E15-4W
2 flights Aerotech Cheetah                                      2x F20-7W
2 flights Omega (#2 Cineroc flight)                         2x D12-0/D12-7
1 flight Rocket Vision Machbuster (just a D12-7, I didn't want it teleported)

I didn't get to fly the RV Check-6, Quest Starhawk, or the ancient Orbital

Special thanks to all the people who found my rockets when I had ZERO
success out in the brush!

I got to put faces on e-names and catch up with my buddy Paul Kusal.

I've posted the photos by Chris Billings and the ones I took.
The photos that Nadine (Kinney)  took are awesome!

Richard Ortega's museum quality NCR Archer was the last flight of NSL.
You could see his stress and excitement with the thunder and lightning 5
miles away in the background, the misfire of the first igniter, the last

Angel launching with the CINEROC on Sunday 5/27/2001


Up and over the top, perfect sideways ejection. He certified level 1 first time.
Congradulations Richard!

UROC ran a great NSL.  I hope to get up there again.

First flight with the newly re-released Estes D12-7.
Angel LOVES this motor!


Talking on the PA asking everyone to come up to the line.                             Lining up the camera lens with the launch rod.

The flightline at liftoff