A Tribute To Heroes

This is for the people that shaped my love of flight, aircraft, rockets, and space.

I only have one personal link to the U.S. Space Program

Apollo 13

During a time of crisis, we as an entire planet
prayed for the safe return of 3 astronauts,
Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and John Swigert

I was in elementary school and my class was
glued to the tv watching Walter Chronkite.
Then he told us that the crew had started
re-entry and it would be about 3 minutes

We all held our breaths

When we saw those 3 chutes,
we cheered as only kids could.

The crew was hoisted into the helo and
flown to the deck of the Iwo Jima.  It landed
and they came out looking like hell.  They
were greeted by the Iwo's and the Recovery Task Force COs.

They made their way to the end of the
red carpet and were met by

My Dad

Philip E. Jerauld


The Honored 18

Lost in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery

Apollo 1


X-15 Flight  #191


STS51-L Challenger


STS107 Columbia


May light perpetual shine upon them always