It’s been waaaaaay too long – Getting the site back together

after a 2 year laying low period because the .com was

harvested from me after I missed renewal.


More to come – welcome back!





Well after MUCH yelling and screaming The Jerauld's are
back at the homestead at 2281 Penrose St.  Great to be
back here,  still digging out from all of the boxes of stuff
that's been in storage for 11+ months.

I hope to start reinitializing the kit production by the end of June.
Finances are tight after the remodel and until things settle down
(and empty boxes get recycled).


I managed to get one more flight out of the Super Shuttle
prototype, see the flight photos here


I've finally gotten the flight bugs out of the Super
Shuttle through a suggestion by Andy Woerner.  It took
adding weight to the forward separator disk of the pod
to bring the launch config C/G forward.

The next step is to fly it repeatedly and find out
the minimum weight necessary to get it to continue to
fly right.  I'll be down at the Fiesta Island launch
site tomorrow to burn the 6 D12-3s I've got!

After that I'm going to start from scratch and build
a whole new prototype.  The PNC-222(v) (orbiter nose)
cones I had pulled didn't come out consistent enough
to be of much use.  Their weight varies too much and
the finish is too striated.  The first orbiter cone
was significantly lighter and that orbiter glided well.
The current one comes down too steep and fast.

I'm probably going to have my machinist make me an
aluminum plug for making RTV molds and try a
hollow resin cone next.

The house renovation is going well, roof is almost done,
rough electrical is going in next.  Pluggin along!


Looks like the server is going to be left alone indefinitely
and BFTPR is going to stay right where it is for the time

Penrose house is coming along well, the interior walls
are going up this week and the roof trusses will be on
site next week.

The Super Shuttle has been rebuilt and flown once,
repeating it's behavior of going downrange rather than
up.  Going to keep trying different trim and launch
C/G configurations.


I got the notice today that the ISP hosting BFTPR is
re-assigning the server and the site will be down in about
a month.  I don't expect to try and find a new host anytime
soon as I don't have any product to sell while I've been
wrapped up with the house renovation.

After 2 months of waiting for a 2nd contractor to make a
bid, we're about to break ground on the renovation at
2281 Penrose St.  The projected duration of the project
is 7-8 months.

If I had to do it over, I'd have sold this place for the
MINT I could have gotten and bought new!



I've decided to suspend operations for a few months while
2281 Penrose St. is undergoing extensive renovations.
The remodel will be done early next year at which time
I'll start producing kits again.  The last of the OMEGA II
kits are out the door.  Currently I only have 5 Shuttle kits
left in stock.  All the information on the request whiteboard
is recorded and anyone who wanted notifiation about
specific kits will still be the first to know when I'm back in

I added some NSL pictures to the N1 page, one classsic
shot to my Hanger page.


Updated Gallery with Jake Kirk's M-10 pictures,
Looks great with the Blue Angel colors - Thanks Jake!


I've been VERY busy lately!  Here's the rundown:

Had a great time and saw a bunch of friends again!
I spent the weeks leading up to NARCON putting together
OMEGA II kits.  The remaining ones are listed on the
Bag O' Parts kits page.

NSL 2002
I'll be in Rainbow Valley with Andy and Joanna Woerner
for the whole weekend.  I'll bring all of the kits I've got
and hopefully the working, bug-fixed prototype of the
Super Shuttle.  We'll also have a 1/83rd scale Russian N-1
that is spectacular.  30 motors!  See the first flights here
on my Russian N1 @ Ocotillo page.  I'll have some other
surprises as well so look for me in my missile badge flight hat!


I'm getting some daylight balanced film from fellow
Cinerocketeer, Daniel Franklin.  I'll be flying the
C at NSL, and at one more launch tbd.  After those
flights I'll retire it and store it on Angel hanging on the
ILM wall.

In response to a query from Doug Gerrard, I drafted
the external dimensions and have posted them on the
CINEROC ADVENTURES page.  If anyone ever
needs upscale dimensions for this don't hesitate to
contact me.  It'll take about 5 minutes to come up with
the upscaled drawing.

My favorite "whoosh-pop" rocket from my youth!
This kit has complete, rewritten instructions, 16"
ripstop nylon parachutes from Recovery Technologies
(Thanks Deb!) and my beefed up T-50+ engine tubes.
Lasercut fins and centering rings make this one of
my best efforts yet.  Decals are NOT included as
this would have added another $10 to the price.
The decals are readily available from Tom Prestia's
TangoPaPa Decals.

I have 20+ shuttle kits waiting on decals from Tom
Prestia.  There are 2-3 available with decals ready to
go.  Email me for availability.

I'm still working out the flight bugs ("Quick! dive under
the van!") on the upscale shuttle. I've been procrastinating
but I'm going to pull a new cone this weekend and rebuild
the orbiter.

I'm redrafting a pattern of OOP parachutes that puts 3-4
on a single 30" x 30" sheet.  Here's the patterns I'm working

E:  Red & White on Clear checkerboard 12" Hexagon

C: Red & White on Clear staggered/alternating radial 15.5" Octagon
     (I have this chute)
     Red & White on Clear 48 gore red/white alternating 24" Octagon

If anyone wants to be a part of the purchase, this would provide
you with 2-3 thousand chutes free of printed logos or advertising.
The cost is still being determined but a VERY rough SWAG is
around $300-$350 per single share out of 5 total shares.
 The total count of chutes is approximately 15-16K.
 (Anyone need wallpaper?)

I'm just about to extensively renovate my home and
will have to hold off  M-10s, M-10Ds, and most
other non-computer based projects until the job is
complete sometime in late July/early August.  (I hope!)

Take care, all the best


Sad news on a personal note, my friend Lisa Taylor
called the other day to let me know that our friend
Tom Standeven had passed away on January 1st.
Tom was a lifetime musician and student of the Gaelic
language and culture.  He was also wonderful and
patient enough to try and teach me Irish Uillian
(elbow) bagpipes 3 years ago.  The world is a
smaller place for his passing.

"my heart cries with the thousands, for my friend
stopped running today"  (Watership Down)

His obituary can be read by clicking here.

The test run of hooks came in on Friday and look great.
I'm going to contact the shop tomorrow to get a unit


Well after nearly 2 weeks the hook supplier finally put the
hooks in the mail (grr, snarl, gnash, gnash) and I should get them
tomorrow.  I've notified all of the people on the whiteboard list
and will post to rmr and oldrockets once I know how many kits
will be left.

Shuttle #1 had flights #38 & 39 this last weekend.  Still going

I've added my Tribute To Heroes page.  These are very
meaningful to me in ways I can't put into words.  This
is for you Gus.


Added the N1 page from December's Ocotillo launch.

The shuttles are only waiting on engine hooks.  I've found a supplier
that says he can make what I need in the quantities & price range
that meet my needs.  I have a test batch coming next Wednesday
and if those are good the remaining 2nd run shuttles will be ready
in the second week of January.  Sure beats the shredded fingers
I end up with bending them by hand!


The vacforming machine is fully functional now!  The heating element
that Bill Kennedy provided has made the grade and I've made a few
test pulls in polypropolene metallic colors that look fantastic!
I'll get some sample pictures up in a couple days.  I've started
assembling shuttle kits and the remaining minor part  hurtle is
the canopies (now that the vacformer is up to speed).

Shuttle #1 had flight #36 this last Saturday.  Angel (see Cineroc
page) had a beautiful flight on D12-0/D12-7 but landed 5 feet off
shore and started blowing out into the bay.  Thanks to Rocky the
Rocket Recovery dog, Angel was recovered and only has 1 tooth
mark.  The engine mount came out so once she's fully dry I'll put in
a 24x95 for the new Estes E9-8.


I spent the evening taking my 2 kids around the neighborhood
Trick or Treating.  I took my galician bagpipes with me and made
LOTS of noise all over the place harassing the dogs in the area.

Seriously folks, I picked up the 400 pieces of plastic (that are the
200 cones for the next run of shuttles) this week and have spent
the last 2 days trimming the parts out.  They came out great after
switching to the single tool mold.  300 parts down, only the big
cones left.  I'll be out of town this weekend going to Cub Scout
Leader training at Camp Mataguay.  I'll start bagging shuttles next week.
I'm not certain of total numbers yet but there should be 20 - 30 left
after the pre-orders are filled.

I received a heating element from a friend in Cincinnati (Thanks Bill!).
I'm going to get wired into the vacforming machine as soon as I have
a spare 120 minutes.  If it works like he described then I should be
able to do my own nosecones from now on.

The next kit chore is shuttle canopies and the vacformer can already
pull those with no problems.

There have been some key suggestions over this flying season that
will be incorporated into the assembly notes for this run.  The online
set will be updated in a day or two.

all the best,



Well gang, with the 2nd heating element nowhere in sight I've
decided to fall back to the single piece cone mold and have
Deco Plastic pull the cones again this year.  The cost is more
than I wanted to spend but still within the budget.  This will not
affect the price of either the Shuttle kit or the individual cones.
 I'm going to stop out there tomorrow and double check the
revetment mold vent holes.  I expect to have the cones in a
week or two.

In the meantime, the vac former in the current configuration
works great with thin styrene. I'll pour a couple more
resin canopy molds and get those cranked out.

After getting the mold checked, and picking up some
vac pump filter jars at Grainger, RTV mold supplies
at AE Yale, and other odds and ends,  I'm going to
rebuild the Upscale Shuttle Orbiter.  Bolt up the
PNC-222(v) tool and pull one out of .090 styrene
in the oven broiler.

I'm going to get those Super Shuttle bugs worked out once
and for all!




In the face of those who would strike us down,

I will not yield, I will not bow, I will not cower

To ANY across the world who would stand with me I hold
a simple prayer, that is a song I dearly love, in my heart;

A Meditation of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.
O, Divine Master grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me bring your love.
Where there is injury, your pardon Lord.
And where there's doubt, true faith in you.

Make me a channel of your peace.
Where there's despair in life, let me bring hope.
Where there's darkness only light,
And where there's sadness ever joy.

Oh Master grant that I may never seek
so much to be consoled as to console
To be understood, as to understand
To be loved, as to love with all my soul

Make me a channel of your peace.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
In giving to all men that we receive,
And in dying that we're born to eternal life

Mike Jerauld
Blast From The Past Rocketry


Fixed the link between the graphic of the M-10D and Bob Ellis'
photo from NSL,  Thanks Roy!

Summer school is finally out.   I'm making painfully
slow progress on the garage because of the 40 mile
trip to Mira Mesa and 3.5 hour sit-around time.  I'll
get all of the drywall in and mudded tomorrow.


Added the Kids, Youths,  & Rockets page.


I've added the "Mike's Hanger" page.  The NSL photos
from Nadine Kinney came in today and they are top notch!
I really love the Shuttle launch photo. I rearranged some
of the photo pages to make more (or less) sense.

Still working on my garage work area, its proving to
be a tough job for one guy to get through!  Drywalling
is a pain sometimes!  (especially when you forget to put
in one power circuit before putting up the sheetrock!)
(Its IN!)

I hope to get the 18mm Shuttles ready by the end of
the month, M-10Ds 2-3 weeks after that, the next new
re-creation after the M-10Ds, the Super Shuttle bugs
worked out in a few weeks, M-10s in 2-3 months.

With the kids in summer school 20 miles away I spend
2 hours/4 trips a day getting them there and back!


The Cineroc films from Ocotillo last year, and NSL 2001 are uploaded.
They're both 4+ megs for reasons I don't really understand.  Sorry dialup folks!

The Ocotillo film looks really good because of the sunlight correcting filter
I put in the lens.  The film developers "pushed" it one stop and you see
the results. Colors kind of washed out.  I rigged the camera with a kevlar
thread to hang "lens down" during recovery.

The NSL film didn't go nearly as well.  I forgot to use the filter, the
developer didn't do any color correcting (like he did for the NARAM 42
film) and left off the 2nd run at half speed!  The Cineroc pulley I made
slipped a couple times and double exposed 4-5 frames of film.  I
had those flashes digitally removed, that why the footage seems to
skip in places.

The next Cineroc film(s) will be with a new color negative stock
that is digitally reversed and color corrected.  I've seen samples
of how it looks and I can't wait to try it out.  Not sure when that
flight will be.


Under orders from the CEO, I'm emptying the garage and throwing out
the junk that's been in there since I moved into this house in 1968!
I'm about 20% into it, T-storms are forecasted for today.

The Vac forming machine works really well on  low profile items
like the Shuttle canopies.  I've tried it on some parts for a future
BoP kit.  Those came out as good as the mold allowed, time for
a new mold!
(Ok,Ok, big hint - think my favorite old rocket company, think vac-formed!)

Time to get out to the garage and start putting up drywall!


The Vacuum Forming machine is all together and functions, still working out
the bugs.  The cones are "webbing" so I need to experiment somemore.
I think I've figured out the problem, the air holes in the tool mold have
gotten too big and the plastic is drawing down too fast.  I've sealed all the
holes and I'll go to Home Depot tomorrow to get some 1/32" drill bits
and re-drill them.

The shuttle decals have arrived and those were the only other things
(besides nosecones) that the shuttles needed.  I'll be sending out the 4 sets
I owe to the NSL customers tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience guys!

(from 6/15/01)

The next "Bag O' Parts" kit looks like it will be the Taurus (KB-3/5033) but that's
several months away.  After that, if the capital balance allows, MAYBE the
SST Shuttle.  I must be nuts.  There has been some interest in my doing the
Omega now that the D12-7 is back in production.  I'm going to build a sister
to Angel and rig it for the new E9-8!  (also get the fins on straight this time)

I've added some new photos on the Cineroc NSL 2001 page, take a look!

Take a look around the site.  I'm no webmaster, I just want you to enjoy your
visit.  Let me know what ya think!  I'd love recommendations but you'll have to
dumb down the technical descriptions to the lowest level!

Drop me a message and tell me your favorite "Blast From The Past"!

Mike J